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Rochester Commercial Concrete

Commercial Concrete Contractors Serving Rochester NY

Commercial concrete is a broad term used to describe concrete needed for building warehouses, industrial buildings, malls, retail shops, restaurants, and more. At Clark Concrete Works, we provide commercial concrete services all over the greater Rochester area.


The Benefits of Commercial Concrete

The great thing about concrete is that it can be used almost anywhere in a building, such as the floors, walls, external walkways and sidewalks, and even architecturally detailed patios. 


In comparison to residential concrete projects, like concrete patios for Rochester homeowners, commercial concrete usually requires more custom work to meet the specific needs of any given project. Floors made with concrete slabs often need a more potent concrete mixture, a different design, and a heavier mesh for reinforcement.


In addition, concrete floors in commercial buildings need a high-quality finishing step or layers that can endure stains and heavy traffic. It is also very important for commercial concrete floors to have a lot of friction, especially for the protection of office staff or customers. If no measures are taken to prevent slipping, then the risk of someone falling is always present. In commercial places like hotels, restaurants, or even hospitals, concrete floors are coated with an extra layer of polishing which makes them dust-repellent, easy to clean, and slip-resistant.


Customizing Concrete Projects

When it comes to putting concrete floors in high-end retail stores or five-star hotels, we offer special decorative concrete and styling treatments to draw attention and bring a certain ambiance to the space. There is a variety of decorated floors like colors or patterns to direct people in the right direction and accommodate heavy traffic flow. Our team of concrete contractors are more than capable of building enhanced concrete floors. 


Concrete coatings for commercial use

Special coatings like epoxy are a common choice for decorative commercial flooring in highly trafficked facilities. This kind of floor is practical due to its durability but still does not lack modern design and style. At Clark Concrete Works, we stay up-to-date and well-versed on new trends, designs, and technologies to deliver the best work to our clients. The latest trend in commercial concrete flooring is metallic epoxy, which gives the effect of a metallic shine to spruce up the look. 


We provide our commercial customers with quality concrete at affordable prices. Affordability is the main benefit of commercial concrete construction, along with its enhanced strength and durability. Concrete is very durable, however, it can still break or crack for a variety of reasons. This is why we also offer concrete repair services.


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