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Concrete Patio Installation in Rochester NY

Professional Concrete Patio Contractors Serving Rochester NY 

Installing a concrete patio in Rochester is one of the most practical and economical options compared to other patio materials and outdoor living spaces. Concrete patios are typically built with aggregate, gravel, sand, cement, and crushed stone. Wood, brick, and stone patios are other popular options, but their installation and maintenance come at a much higher cost as opposed to a more durable concrete patio. 

Create The Outdoor Patio You've Dreamed Of

Having an outdoor gathering space, typically centered around a concrete patio, is an important feature in modern houses. Especially considering that concrete is one of the cheapest (one of the main benefits of installing a concrete patio!) yet most popular patio construction materials all over the country.


While there are other materials, concrete patios are a popular option for homeowners who want to design their outdoor space to be unique. However, compared to bricks, natural stone, and wood materials, a concrete patio is the most long-lasting as it requires very little maintenance, unlike wooden decks.

Custom Concrete Patio Finshes

Our concrete patios are finished with natural designs and patterns that even be made to mimic a wooden or stone patio. But, of course, you also have the complete liberty to provide customized designs and textures, which we will then do our best to turn your design into a reality in your own backyard.


We install concrete patios all over the Rochester NY area, and the installations are completed by our skilled & experienced team of concrete contractors. A concrete patio, without a doubt, will last much longer and cost next to nothing compared to wood or stone patios.

Patios Are Low Maintenance

Similar to concrete driveways, the maintenance of concrete patios is also very easy because of the nature of the material. Concrete is simply more durable and therefore lasts longer than other materials. Unlike a wood patio, concrete has no risk of termites and splintering, nor will you ever have to reseal, restrain, or repaint concrete. 


Most well-built concrete patios will last upwards of 30 years. Wood or brick patios, however, often only last 10 to 15 years and are often overtaken by grass and weeds growing up through the cracks and fractures. Not to mention, with the winters we get here in Rochester, water inevitably seeps through these cracks and destroys the material even more as the moisture continuously freezes and thaws.


All of these problems can be avoided easily with a concrete patio. With concrete, there are no cracks or spaces for any weeds to grow up through, or water to seep in. In addition, you will save large sums of money and time with our elegantly installed patios.

Concrete Patios = Affordability + Style

Don't, low price and durability do not mean a compromise on patio style or quality. Clark Concrete Works offer several patio designs. There is a wide range of style options to choose from for your new patio. Our team can use stamping, staining, coloring, different textures, and more.


Concrete patio designs are created in a way that they resemble wood, stones, and even brick styles patios. With a concrete patio, your home will hone modern designs at a much lower price. Our skilled team does everything to bring your dream patio to come to life.


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