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Concrete Slabs

Concrete Slab Installers in Rochester NY

Pouring new concrete slabs in Rochester NY is one of our specialties here at Clark Concrete Works. With the help of our expert team, we can build you a high-quality, long-lasting concrete slab for your next home, shed, barn, hot tub, and more.

Our team and high-quality equipment ensure a smooth installation every time. With the vast experience and expertise of our team, we can give you a quality pour guaranteed. No matter what you need a new slab for, we can deliver the best of the best here in Rochester. Our building and pouring team are detailed oriented and keenly looks after every part of the process to provide you with a great construction experience without a hitch.

How we approach concrete slab projects

Our primary objective is to surpass your expectations and manage the project at an affordable price. Compared to other building materials, concrete slabs are selected for various projects because of their high durability and low maintenance requirements. Concrete slabs can provide a trendy and aesthetic style for outdoor areas, and a practical and reliable solution for outbuildings and foundations.

Concrete slab maintenance

Even though concrete slabs are almost indestructible and incredibly sturdy, with time they can show the effects of wear and tear. This can happen in high-traffic areas or it can be due to a lack of maintenance or improper installation. But do not worry because we offer affordable concrete repair services and maintenance techniques that will make your concrete slab last a long time. And if your slab does start to crack or break up, if you catch it early, we can repair it for you.

There are a variety of concrete slabs that we make depending on their purpose and customer demands. For instance, we might use a T-shaped foundation to support and protect a structure in an area where the ground is susceptible to freezing, as is often the case during our Rochester winters. 

To do this, a footing piece is positioned below the frost line on the perimeter of the slab. The footing piece has to be broader than the wall that will be above it, which provides extra reinforcement at the base of the foundation. Then the T-shaped foundation is set in place. After wall construction finally, the slab’s turn comes as it is poured in between the already made walls.

Slab uses

Slabs are also useful for graded foundations on uneven landscapes. This type of slab is many inches thick and consists of a single layer of concrete. The slab is poured in a way that its edges are thick which offers additional footing, perfect for supporting a structure on a hill.

To improve water drainage, the slab is placed on crushed gravel, which is very porous to allow water to run through it. And to improve stability, we use wire mesh or steel bars to give the slab extra stability and structural integrity. In addition to this, we can add insulation around the slab in the ground to prevent damage from freezing.

At Clark Concrete Works we make sure that our customer service is top-notch. You can always call us to ask questions, discuss your design ideas, or any other concerns you may have.

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