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Concrete Repairs

Concrete repair professionals

Quality concrete has always been an essential element in the construction industry. It is reliable and durable and quite easy to produce. The durability makes it indestructible, which is why it is an excellent material to build concrete slabs, patios, or driveways.

Preventing concrete damage

But like other materials concrete also reaches the part of its life where it suffers wear and tear and needs repair. It happens because it is constantly exposed to the environment, like heavy rain, corrosion, friction, and harsh weather. Concrete repair can also be needed sooner than normal due to poor installation quality and technique. This is why it’s crucial to ensure you’re working with a reputable company like Clark Concrete Works. Because even though concrete is quite robust and durable, it can be affected over time by moisture, chemicals, and other pollutants if it is not maintained properly. 

If this damage continues, eventually it will cause substantial surface tearing and structural loss. Concrete is undoubtedly the most durable material and will remain so, but not without essential maintenance. 

Make sure to catch concrete defects early

It is important to give your concrete repaired once it becomes damaged because it takes away from the beauty and elegance of your home. Not to mention, depending on the severity of the damage and where it is located, it can also pose a serious tripping hazard. This is where our team comes in to evaluate your concrete and provide long-lasting concrete repairs.

Before we do any repairs, our team of experts will inspect the problem and trace back the steps to figure out precisely what caused this damage. No repair can be done properly without knowing how the damage happened in the first place. Then, after a thorough evaluation, we do the necessary preparation is done to ensure the repair will last a long time.

What to do about cracked concrete?

So in case of a broken entrance, cracked sideways, driveways, patio, and uneven concrete texture, you can call the expert team of Clark Concrete Works for all your concrete repair needs in the greater Rochester area.

Unfortunately, most concrete repairs are non-functional and fail after a short time. This is because some concrete contractors will try to repair concrete that is simply unrepairable. If we think, after evaluating your project, that your concrete is beyond repair, we will be honest with you and let you know that you are better off tearing the whole thing out and replacing it. But if a repair can be made that will actually last, we will be happy to help you.

We don’t just repair uneven or broken concrete, but we also provide polishing services to reignite the charm that your concrete had when it was first installed. Discoloration, cracks, and holes are a normal occurrence even in materials as sturdy as concrete, but if you catch them early, they can be fixed up without a problem.

Proper maintenance to prevent concrete repairs

If concrete surfaces are not maintained with sealing and polishing, they will experience small wear and tear from heavy vehicles, water seepage, and more. These damages, even at a small size, can cause serious safety risks. In addition, especially with the winters we have here in Rochester, moisture can seep into tiny cracks in the concrete. This becomes an issue when the moisture continuously freezes and thaws, causing the concrete to expand and contract. This will cause issues with the structural integrity of the concrete.

Especially with the winters we get here in Rochester, stamped concrete is prone to damage after a while as well. Although it normally requires very little maintenance, from time to time, some surfaces will need repair.

Our expert repair techniques will bring your concrete surfaces back to their beautiful, original state. We also offer special meticulous design fixes for stamped concrete patterns. 

It’s important to get on top of concrete defections right away to make sure they get fixed before it’s too late. Call our professional repair team at Clark Concrete Works for a free evaluation.

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