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Rochester NY Stamped Concrete Specialists

Stamped concrete comes in different textures, colors, and designs. These different finishes can make your new outdoor concrete living space look like wood, stone, bricks, or tiles. Stamped concrete has gained major popularity in recent years due to its affordable over other materials used for construction.

If you want tiles on your patio but don’t want the price tag, then you will likely be better off opting for stamped concrete instead. It will mimic the same look while taking it easier on your wallet.

You can add some curb appeal to your home in Rochester NY with stamped concrete. At Clark Concrete Works we can build patios, sidewalks, or driveways with the stamped look of your choosing.

Customizing the look of your concrete project

Unlike commercial concrete projects, which are usually plain, skilled team of workers use a smorgasbord of stamped concrete patterns, advanced coloring techniques, and detailed textures. These advanced methods can make your concrete look like almost any other building material you want.

We provide our customers with beautiful designs at realistic prices that are drastically lower than the cost of other construction materials, making it a great option for local Rochester residents to increase the value of their homes.

The benefits of stamped concrete

Stamping concrete is becoming very prevalent because of its durability, low price, and variety of colors and patterns it offers. Whether you decide to go with a simple brushed finish or a decorative stamped look, you'll have a seemingly limitless number of options to design your concrete project without worrying about the cost.

Installation of stamped concrete is not only cheap, but it is a very low-maintenance material. This means that cracking and corrosion are minimal, and even when it does occur, you won’t have to rebuild the whole area. Meanwhile wood or stones would need resealing, polishing, and maintenance after a much short time.

Another benefit you get from stamped concrete construction is its slip-resistant quality due to its rugged surface, which you don’t get in most other materials. Even if the stamped concrete is around a wet area, such as a pool, stamped concrete protects from slipping. We’re able to accomplish this with the addition of a special additive that creates a non-slip texture on top of the pour.

Stamped concrete maintenance

Stamped concrete will last a long time even if it has been exposed to harsh weather. At Clark Concrete Works, we add special sealers and color hardeners to the concrete when it's poured. This technique makes it endure a harsh environment and frictional wear and tear, and in the event it does start to crack up, repairs are relatively easy to do.

With our stamped concrete construction, beautiful designs with reliability, longevity, and durability are always promised. Call us today or fill out our form to get a free estimate on your next concrete project!

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